How to train a dog to do anything in few hours

Having a dog, you will want to teach them some trick, doing that you can spend time with your dog, play with them, and make the bound between you and them. However, those are the minor reasons; most of us usually train our dog just for show-off. You want to show your friends or someone who want to make an impress like your girlfriends. In case you are still confusing and do not know where to start, read this post as it will help you to do it.


Prepare for yourself

To train a dog, you will need to make your dog trust you. Create the bound between you and them. This can be created and strengthen through the everyday activities. While you running or playing with them or doing exercise, you are building up the trust in them, that trust will grow up as much as you care and playing with them.

You can see how the time spending with your lovely dog reinforces the trust in the grooming task. If they trust you and believe in you, they do not resist too much. They might scare, but they still stand right there because there is a mutual understanding between you and them. Therefore, if you want to train your dog to do something, you should save time for them, the more you can do it the more you will succeed to achieve your goal.

Prepare for your dog

To train a dog, absolutely, you will need to feed them treat. So, prepare food for them, remember, you had better make sure the treat is compelling to them. That treat should be in bites since you will need to repeat the action many times, and the dog should not eat too much.

You can use dog food for them or just chicken, beef or cookies. Before using any type of food for your dog, make sure it is safe for your dog. If your dog is overweight, you are able to design a less calorie diet for them and help them to do more physical activities unless you want they look plump.

Apart from food, toys will be attractive for the dog. You can reward them by playing with them, which is an alternative way to reward your dog. You can observe whether your dog prefers food or toys, most of the dog love being fed doesn’t mean your dog is the same.

When you get a puppy, try to train them as early as possible. A puppy can learn faster than an older dog, they are more obedient. Besides, they are quite small, that is an advantage for you, controlling them will easier. Teaching them early, so they will have time to get used to the command of you.


Choosing place to train

Your home can be the best place to train your dog. Going out mean that there will be more the distraction for them. A walking man or a bird can disturb your dog from the training. Inside the home, you can make him more focus on your command.  Training your dog in the home will bring more success than outside.

Though your house does not have space for you to teach your dog tricks, you will prefer outside, choosing park is not a bad idea. But, a leash will be needed; your hairy friend might ignore you and chasing the distractive object. This is the time you can see how useful the leash, hold them back, attract their attention, then you can start over your training.

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